About ROL Life Groups

Life Groups are the heart of River of Life Church. Being part of a Life Group is the most effective way to feel a sense of belonging, build friendships and grow in faith and in life within this local church.

Based on the Biblical model of the church in Acts where they met in the temple courts and in homes, people in Life Groups meet across the city in small groups within different homes & venues each week. Life Group is simply doing and enjoying life together, a place to commit ourselves to discipleship and evangelism in partnership with one another.


Who should join a Life Group?
Our prayer is that everyone attending River of Life Church will be plugged into a Life Group and we see it as vitally important for those serving in Activity Areas (in a Ministry) to be a part of one. The church in Acts grew strong as they followed this Biblical model of doing church

How do I join a Life Group?
You may:

1. Visit the infoHUB located in the main church building at each site where someone will assist you or,
2. Call the church office on our 'Contact Us' numbers during the week and talk to someone on our pastoral team or,
3. Ask someone you know at church who is in a Life Group to assist you.

When & where do Life Groups meet?
Most Life Groups meet during the week on Wednesday or other days, mostly in homes. We encourage Life Groups to break for school holidays, but some may choose to carry on. No Life Group in your area? Please let us know about it by calling the church offices and we will explore how we could start one.

I'm interested in leading or hosting a Life Group, what should I do?
Please contact the church office or email our team on: lifegroups@riveroflifechurch.co.zw

ROL Life Group Leaders