Rockets CIRockets (0-5)

ROCKETS is the place for you to spread your wings and fly!

God is good, God loves us, God wants our world to be like his Kingdom in heaven.
We can have big dreams, God can use us to help people and make the world a better place.

There is no junior Holy Spirit, children receive the fullness of God when they ask Him. This is the beginning of the next generation and many experts agree that 90% of a Child's character is formed by the age of 5. This is the place where Jesus was comfortable and these are the people He often tells us to be like! Come and be part of the Rockets and witness 'Faith like a Child'!

Year turning 2 - SHOOTING STARS
Year turning 3 - COMETS
Year turning 4 - ASTROS
Year turning 5 - FIREBALLS

Rockets starts after worship in the main church, parents take their children across, register them, collect a parents badge. Shooting Stars and Comets parents are encouraged to stay with their children for circle time, to help settle them and learn the songs with them. Once a snack is served they can return to church if they are not on duty to help. A story, craft, games or activities may follow depending on the lesson plan for that day.