Our Vision:
is to Glorify God through exuberant worship, bringing healing, restoration, teaching and preaching the Good News and spreading the love, peace, joy of the Kingdom of God to all.

Our Values are:
  1. Love for God
  2. Love for one another
  3. Christ like character
  4. Excellence
  5. Exuberance in worship
  6. Sound in word & Alive in Spirit.

Our heart is to play a part in bringing transformation to our nation through Worship.

The primary purpose of Ruthless Worship is to give glory to our Lord. He is worthy of all of our worship, the responsibility lies with us, to help create an atmosphere in which people can be led by the Holy Spirit into an encounter with God.

Praise is the natural response to the revelation of who God is and what he has done for us
Richard Foster said “Worship is our response to the overtures of love from the heart of the Father”.

Worship is where we enjoy the near presence of God and express our love for Him. It’s a love response to God as savior, friend & healer.  It’s about enjoying God and expressing our heart for Him

We Stand in His Glory, glory means “weighty”, something so weighty that everything else has to shift around it.  God’s Glory is His weighty and powerful presence.  Times in His glory can bring inner transformation, revelation, the hearing of His voice clearly and moments of breakthrough in people’s lives.