How Can I Get Connected?

Get Connected
The church consists of everyone in every era and every nation that has been born again. But it is expressed through local churches. God’s plan is for every believer to be meaningfully added to a local church and to become a functioning part of the body.

New Believer (Good News)

(Good News) is a weekly course designed for people who have recently come to faith in Christ and will lead you through the foundational teaching of what we believe.  Join us for this course if you are new to the faith.

New Member (Dive In Course)

We encourage new members who are considering becoming a part of our church to do our New Members’ Course. Attending the course will you help clearly understand who we are as a church and where God is leading us as a congregation.

Life Groups

These are home group mid-week meetings. We currently have 20 Life Groups that meet across the city. These groups help us to be committed to each other as well as to God. They save us from the tendency to become isolated due to the busyness of life and the imperfection of people. Our Life Group leaders play a pastoral role in the church.

Sunday Serving Teams

Sunday Serving Teams are our Ministry Areas. Due to the high value we place on serving as a mark of Christian maturity, we enjoy a wonderful culture of every member being a part of one of these teams in the following areas:
Sound & OHP
Prayer Meeting 

If you'd like to volunteer or simply find out more about ways you can serve then please fill in this form.

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